Do more than before, silently and efficiently, by Gliding Green™

Gliding Green™ finds the coolest electric vehicles, makes them available Nationwide, provides free instruction in Las Vegas, and phone support, to assure safe and confident gliding for years to come.

Two of the most fun electric vehicles available today are the InMotion MoGo™ and the Boosted Dual+ skateboard.  These personal electric vehicles glide easily and quietly through urban environments.

Glide to work in business attire, enjoy the outdoors with no sweat, and less expense!  Gliding Green™ delivers the best quality, best performing electric vehicles, at the best price.

Electric vehicles are not just environmentally friendly; they are now cheaper, more versatile, and better performing than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts!

FREE Personal delivery is available in Las Vegas. FREE shipping to the rest of the U.S. within 3 to 7 business days.

Need to rent several vehicles for an event in Las Vegas?  Call us at 702-GLIDING.

Looking for another kind of electric vehicle? 

We are in contact with several international electric vehicle manufacturers, so we can help with sourcing, importing, warrantying, servicing and maintaining your electric vehicle fleet.


Call us at 702-GLIDING