About Us

What we do

GlidingGreen™ works to find innovative, energy efficient, and cost-effective solutions for those who want to use electric vehicles to enhance their productivity and/or enjoyment of life.  Our vehicles emit no CO2, and their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is far lower than that of any Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle.  Our goal is to bring you the coolest, most fun, best quality, and best performing electric vehicles, at the best price.

How we started

Our founder is an motorcycle enthusiest whose interest was piqued by renewed development of electric motorcycles.  He noted, that although electric motors could provide higher torque, better energy conversion, longer maintenance intervals, quieter, and could operate at a lower total cost of ownership than ICEs, high-quality electric-powered vehicles still had a reputation for being expensive and impractical, in the United States.  They were and are unpopular, and difficult to find in the US.

After searching the globe to find the most technologically advanced, best designed, best quality, and most versatile electric motorcycles, our founder discovered electric vehicles, other than motorcycles, that piqued his interest.  He teamed up with innovative, international manufacturers to deliver several electric vehicle products that met his stringent demands, and which are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

The Future is Green, and sustainable

GlidingGreen™ is proud to introduce these exciting new, personal, electric vehicles to the United States.  We warranty, service and support our products with a long-term commitment to customer satisfaction.  If you ever have an issue with any product that we sell, please call us at 612-440-7419.