InMotion MoGo™

Meet the next generation in personal mobility

The InMotion MoGo™ is a smart, electric, self-balancing, sensor-controlled vehicle. The InMotion MoGo’s™ ergonomic operation provides a thrilling new way of experiencing the world — gliding.

Safety by design

MoGo’s™ eye-catching design with LED front- and tail- lights, automatic turn signals and brake lights makes for safe night gliding. The long-life vacuum-molded rubber tires never go flat, and the durable rubber footboard provides a solid, non-slip platform.


Great features

The MoGo™ comes with it’s own remote, and even a built in backlight.  You can remotely control your MoGo™ with the iPhone or Android app and also change turning speed, riding angle, and see pertinent data, such as how much distance you can glide before needing to recharge the battery.



Quick Release Battery                           Very Quiet                              Eye-catching LEDs

High Powered Acceleration System

The InMotion MoGo™ – Fun for Everyone

Going “green” nearly anywhere, in a fun, cool way

When people see the InMotion MoGo™ typical exclamations are: “cool”, “wow”, and “awesome.”  The MoGo™ makes going anywhere more fun and more efficient.  The MoGo™ delivers a unique and enjoyable riding experience for individual and businesses applications.

An Efficient and Tech-Savvy Commuter

Walking, jogging, or bicycling to work may be a part of the commuter lifestyle, but these modes are not the most practical way to travel while wearing a suit, or when you want to guarantee smooth arrival at work with no sweat.  MoGo™ glides safely on sidewalks, indoor hallways, skyways, on the elevator, and right into the office — with no parking hassles.  The MoGo™ can be stored right under a desk, or in a locker.  Try that with an electric bicycle!

Videographers and Photographers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable, mobile, instant camera dolly, at every location?  Glide with the InMotion MoGo™ on any smooth surface and enjoy full control of direction and camera angles, while keeping eyes in the viewfinder.   Track a route or follow a particular person automatically by programming the MoGo™ with Android and iOS apps.

Yachtsmen and Travelers

Dock your yacht in the marina and quickly explore the environment beyond and into the heart of your destination.  The MoGo™ is easily stored, loaded, unloaded, and charged on board using 12v DC or the AC adapter.  It’s rated for water and dust-proofed to IP 55 standard, so dusty deserts and wet tropical rains are no problem.  Most airlines currently allow travel with a MoGo™, so travelers can arrive at a destination, disembark, bypass the taxi stand if they want, and cover more ground than ever before.

Customer Service

The extra 11” elevation enjoyed while gliding on the MoGo™ helps employees see over, and be seen, by clients who need assistance or who have questions.   They are impressed when a sales or service representative glides up quickly on a MoGo™ — demonstrating that the company is uniquely, and unforgettably, tech-savvy and eager to satisfy customer needs.

Sales Representatives

Gliding up to a customer on a MoGo™ assures that a sales rep will be truly remembered.  Being a foot taller, lets customers see you from afar, encouraging them to approach for information and interaction.   The InMotion MoGo™ draws attention, “breaks the ice” and starts conversations.  Car dealerships retrieve vehicles faster for buyers;  some even let customers glide around the lot after some basic instruction. Direct sales forces use the MoGo™ to get around more easily, resulting in more and faster sales.

Limited Movement Pedestrians

The InMotion MoGo™ still requires a basic ability to walk, stand, step up, and some coordination, training, and practice, but can be a great solution for some pedestrians who have trouble covering longer distances because of knee, leg, or hip pain.

Performance Artists

The MoGo™ draws attention and captivates.  Whether in a theatrical production or a street performance, the MoGo™ grabs the attention of the crowd.  People will wonder how or who is controlling the movement.  Gliding on a hands-free MoGo™ looks like magic, even with the built in LEDs turned off.

Law Enforcement Officers and Security

The InMotion MoGo™ is small enough to store in a patrol car 24/7. It is immediately ready for transition to “foot” patrol.  Its elevated platform lets officers see over crowds. Hands-free operation keeps officers ready for weapon deployment when needed, even while moving and turning.  The MoGo’s™ speed, silence, and range enable officers’ ability to respond at running speed, quietly, over an entire shift, without alarming civilians.  Because its compact footprint is about the same as the average man’s shoulder width, the MoGo™ can navigate thick crowds more easily than any other EPAMDs (Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices) — making patrols faster and more efficient.


Assembles in Seconds

The InMotion MoGo opens a new chapter for self balancing vehicles. It only takes several seconds and one screw to assemble or take apart the InMotion MoGo.



InMotion Syncs with Your Life

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